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Platynum raises the bar by becoming a Level-2 B-BBEE contributor

by Platynum |September 18, 2017 |0 Comments | News

Platynum: Leaders in the industry

“Those who lead by example and demonstrate a passion for what they do make it much easier
for their followers to do the same.” — Marshall Goldsmith
For many years, we have been leaders in our industry, including our B-BBEE contributions. As
innovators of change, this aligns with our belief that businesses have the responsibility to leave a
positive footprint on and in the industry. As one of the first in our industry to reach a Level-2
B-BBEE status, Platynum is proud of the strides it is making in the industry and aims to continue
on this path moving forward.
Through our B-BBEE contributions, we strive to improve our company to benefit our dedicated
employees, our loyal clients and our amazing country. We share a love and passion for South
Africa and its people, and that is why we see this achievement as an important way to move
towards a better tomorrow.

All about B-BBEE

The word ‘B-BBEE’ has been used for many years, but do we really understand what it is and
what it means for business?
Essentially, the B-BBEE Act is about rectifying past inequalities by transforming economic
practises to increase black ownership, management and participation. According to SAB&T “The
B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice provide structures for the B-BBEE scorecard, which allows
customers to claim B-BBEE points for buying from your organisation. The higher your B-BBEE
status level, the more chance of getting business from clients who see the B-BBEE status as an
important criterion when deciding on who to buy from.”
At Platynum, we highly value contributing to positive change and that is why the Level-2 B-BBEE
contribution is a point of great pride for us.

Reaching higher

Due to our dedication to right the wrongs of the past, Platynum Workspace Interiors was recently
rated as a Level-2 B-BBEE company. This was largely due to the transformation of Platynum’s
shareholders to at 51% black and 45% black female South African ownership. The new high-
level ownership changes are a reflection of Platynum’s dedication to positively contributing
economically to this country, our commitment to long-term growth and our support in growing the
business to support value creation and jobs in South Africa.
Platynum also sees this change as actively engaging with the previously disadvantaged
communities; we want to contribute to the realisation of the full potential that we believe
previously disadvantaged South Africans have. With this new step, Platynum wants to support
the South African government’s transformation initiatives such as the Broad-Based Black
Economic Empowerment Act.

All about transformation

Where our designs and office transformations showcase our passion for people and their
environments, we believe that our B-BBEE contributions showcase the same passion for people
and their transformation – just in a different way.

If you share this passion for positive, life-changing transformations and you are looking for a
business partner with an innovative mind-set, then look no further than Platynum Workspace
Not only will you be partnering with a company that has a great track record in the industry, but
our current B-BBEE rating can also be of ever increasing value to our partners. By making use of
Platynum as a supplier for your office design and other related services, you can obtain more
value out of your procurement spend.
For more information on our B-BBEE level and the benefits for you as a client, please feel free to
contact us on