Coffee: A workplace necessity?

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Coffee: A workplace necessity?

Coffee: A workplace necessity?

All of us who work know that coffee has become quite an essential element in a workplace culture. But not all of us pause during our coffee break to contemplate why we rely so much on this delicious drink to get us through our work day. There have been many recent discoveries about coffee’s benefits to a person’s health and how it can be a plus in the work environment.
Some of these benefits include:
A boost in productivity
This is the most obvious benefit, as we have all experienced the boost a cuppa gives when we’re running low on energy. This is likely the biggest reason why people consume coffee when they are working, as coffee can increase a person’s productivity in many ways.

  • Coffee protects the brain
    Working under stressful situations at work is never a good thing. Fortunately, the oils in coffee, such as Kahweol and Cafestol, are unique neurological anti-inflammatory agents that can combat stress. This can also benefit people in the long run.
  • Coffee can increase energy levels
    A body naturally consumes energy when the energy is available to be consumed. An increase in caffeine intake will increase the availability of energy within the body. Oxygen intake and lung functionality also increase, resulting in better metabolic efficiency.
  • Coffee increases concentration and attention
    The caffeine in coffee can increase both selective and sustained attention. This means that focused attention can be maintained for longer periods of time. Allowing for people to concentrate on their work for extended time periods.

Increased alertness

Caffeine is a stimulant that can be found in many different domestic products. Most people think of coffee when they think of caffeine, so coffee drinkers know they will get a boost of energy within their central nervous system that will keep them awake and alert during their working hours. This effect can also influence workers’ productivity levels in a positive way.

Improved creativity levels

It’s not necessarily just the caffeine in coffee that can make a person more creative. Coffee can be social, and social interaction with other co-workers with coffee involved, like coffee breaks, can lead to creative ideas being shared across co-workers during these coffee breaks.
Social coffee breaks can influence the sharing of ideas, or at the least, introduce an opportunity to share ideas amongst co-workers. And who wouldn’t like their workforce to be more creative?

Less pain, more gain

We have all encountered long work days, were we simply can’t leave until a certain task has been completed. These long hours behind a desk can sometimes become a bit draining. During these stressful times, coffee can offer some form of relief.
Why? Because coffee is also a pain moderator. This is another reason why a pause area for your employees may be vitally important; it can potentially make long work days for workers easier to deal with.

Burn fat

As mentioned before, coffee aids metabolic efficiency and activity. Because coffee increases metabolic activity, it will still help to give employees a little boost – even while they are sitting behind their desks.

With all that has been said, people of the workplace can look to coffee not just as a simple hot drink to consume for the taste. Now they can also see coffee as a way to help them through a busy day, increase their productivity and creativity, and give them their daily boost of energy to see them through the day.

This is why Platynum specialises in creating beautiful pause areas where your employees can relax and grab a cup of coffee. To find out more about incorporating a break area into your office design, get in touch with us today.

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