Does your workspace work for your employees

Does your workspace work for your employees

We don’t always realise the amount of time we spend at the office, but it’s more than what we spend at home. Consequently, our workspace becomes like a second home and that is why a good workspace is essential. Your workspace is more than a place with just four walls, windows, a door, and a desk. It conveys your company culture and should create an efficient workflow for your employees.

In short, your office workspace tells your brand’s story.

When a new client comes through your office doors, a first impression is formed based on the visual impression of the space. This impression on clients can be very important to business success; if used effectively, it can enhance your brand and its positioning in the minds of consumers.

Because employees make the brand

When it comes to a well-designed office workspace, it can help to increase employee morale and productivity. Whether your company is a small or big enterprise, the workspace has an impact on your employees. By investing in your employees’ environment, you are also investing in your employees.

Grey, bland walls with bad lighting will do little for employees; it might even lead to negative employee attitudes and negativity, studies show. Many studies have been done on colour and its impact on people. Bright colours can have a positive effect and in turn, boost overall morale. If employees look forward to going to the office each day, it can mean a lot for a company and even decrease employee turnover rates.

Make it comfortable

When it comes to a great office design, there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration to make it more comfortable for your employees. Factors such lighting, acoustics and noise, temperature, and airflow all need to be considered when it comes to the design.

When it comes to lighting, it is best to utilise as much natural light as possible. Some artificial lighting might cause excess heat or even cause employees to suffer from visual fatigue and headaches. Fortunately, something as simple as good lighting can increase productivity and decrease work absences.
Noise and acoustics also needs to be addressed with office design. Productivity becomes very hard when employees have unwanted distractions and struggle to concentrate due to noise. This is why it is important to design the office space with this in mind.

We can all relate to that situation where one employee puts the air conditioner on ‘South Pole’ temperatures, and the rest is left with a choice of either stealthily stealing the remote or a direct confrontation. The temperature and airflow needs to be comfortable for all employees, as this discomfort can very quickly lead to discontent.

Don’t limit creativity

The workspace can be as wonderfully-designed as possible, but if your employees don’t feel like they have the freedom to turn their immediate work space into an area they want to work in, then the innovative design doesn’t have much value. Allowing them to move a few items or add a few items to make them more comfortable can go a long way. This doesn’t mean you have to give them free reign to make the office look unprofessional, but a few personal items won’t hurt anyone.

Your second home

Charles Eames said, “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” Why wouldn’t you want our office space to shape your employees to perform optimally? Employees make up such a big part of a successful brand and business.

If you need some help, your business is moving offices, you are starting a business, or if you need a workspace environment that stimulates creativity and productivity, please get in touch. Our professional team of designers would be happy to help transform your second home into something you look forward to spending time in.


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