Office design trends for 2018

Office design trends for 2018

As another year has come and gone, it’s always interesting to see what happened during the year in the world of design. Design is a constantly evolving art form and seldom stands still. In terms of office design, it’s becoming increasingly important to get the look and feel of professional workspaces right to make a good, long-lasting impression. This is why looking at trends is more than simply staying on top of style shifts – it may just give you a few ideas of what might be the next best way to put your office a step above the rest.
Here are some of the trends predicted for office design in 2018:
Moving away from the conventional
We predict that in 2018, unconventional work areas might start taking over a lot of office spaces. This style of design is being driven by the millennial generation and their love of open space designs and collaborative work environments. When you think unconventional, think of more informal work areas with bean bags, sofas and greenery (plants, living walls etc.). Think of areas where you can go for an informal brainstorming session filled with vibrant colours, stimulating patterns and even fun activities. Stiff and formal just won’t make the cut in 2018.

So, if you are feeling a little playful, take the leap and jump onto this trend.

Think dynamic
A trend that has appeared during the last two years in office design, but has been increasing in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, is dynamic office spaces. These types of spaces are moveable and can be transformed and changed based on the company’s needs. Businesses are able to be a bit more creative with spaces, as the allocated area doesn’t have to only serve one function. A room in the office can be transformed from a boardroom to an event space – quickly and easily. This is done with the use of lightweight, movable office furniture with wheels, movable dividers and easily portable plants and boards.
If your business is constantly evolving and changing, a dynamic office space is a perfect solution for your transforming business.

Going even greener
In our previous blog, we covered some the benefits of biophilic design at the office, and it’s clear that we weren’t wrong to see the value in adding some greenery to the office. In 2018, we’re sure to see even more greenery forming part of office designs. Everything from rooftop gardens to water features will be prominent in design in the coming year, as well as ‘green’ wall dividers using bamboo or wood. With the extra emphasis being placed on employee wellbeing, we can see why incorporating some foliage in the office is the perfect way to accomplish a stunning, natural design while also benefitting employees.
This trend may also inspire some businesses to take it a step further and see how to incorporate green values into most of their office processes such as renewable energy sources for the office, grey water systems etc.
If your business feels like it needs a little green, then turn to Mother Nature for some inspiration.

Showing off the tech
One of the most exiting trends predicted for 2018 office spaces will be incorporating technology into every aspect of the office – from wireless charging, smart sensor technology, cable management systems, to easy-to-reach power points. The technology at the office will be focused on making every employee’s life as easy as possible to ensure they have a good workplace experience. With the advances in technology, we can see why technology and its role in the office will be a prominent trend.

Salesforce in San Francisco took design with technology to a whole new level with their office lobby. They created a stunning LED video wall stretching across their lobby wall, transforming a plain “passageway into a mesmerizing hyperreal environment”. You can watch the video by clicking here.

Platynum’s embracing 2018 with you
If you want to add any of these trends for 2018 into your office space, please get in touch with us. Our professional team of designers have a knack for incorporating your required type of design style into working spaces and would be happy to help transform your second home into something you look forward to spending time in.

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