What does 2017 hold for office design trends

What does 2017 hold for office design trends

These days, an office isn’t just an office anymore. It’s a space where you spend the majority of your day; it’s a second home; it’s a place that has a big influence on how you feel during the day. Because an office space is so important, there are various trends that have developed to amplify, simplify, and enhance this environment.

Let’s look at what the rest of 2017 has in store to create wonderful workspaces:

Feels like home

When considering the amount of time spent at the office, we are surprised that this hasn’t become a trend sooner – creating an office space as a more home-like environment. This trend is all about making the employees feel comfortable.

This is achieved with using deeper sofas, chandeliers, and drapes. There are a lot of subtle things that can be incorporated into the space to make it more comfortable and remind the employees of home. This trend can definitely assist to transform the space into a place that people enjoy being in.

All about colour

We all have heard that different colours have different effects on our mood and that good use of colour in the office is crucial. The trick however, is not to go and splash a variety of colourful paints on the walls and hope that it will boost productivity.

One has to think carefully about the different colours and shades in different areas of the office. At the end of the day, it is all about balance. Look at what the work area was designed for and choose the colour accordingly.

Biophilic design

This type of design simply aims to satisfy our natural need to connect with nature in the modern built environment. This trend has seeped over from 2016 and is still growing (no pun intended). We have seen this with living walls, which has become very popular in office spaces. By bringing in natural elements, a biophilic design can help to reduce stress, decrease absenteeism, and boost productivity. Using plants in the office has also been linked to a reduction in noise and air toxins.

Adaptive and versatile

In today’s day and age, workspaces need to be flexible because change is constant and office design needs to take this into consideration. The traditional office consisted of meeting rooms, open-plan offices, and break areas for meals. Fortunately, spaces are becoming more varied and needs to allow for collaboration. It’s all about teamwork these days.

Think future

From modular seating and workbenches to desk pods, it’s all about designing a smart office that will be able to adapt easily in the future. When it comes to power and data, it’s another important consideration for the future. With technology changing almost every day, requirements for technology in a few years can be drastically different to what we currently need. Soft wiring in offices, for instance, is a simple installation solution for power and data that helps to save time, improve safety, and allows for rewiring so that the space can more easily adapt when needed.

All in a day’s work

Want to transform your office?

If your business is moving offices, or you are starting a business, or if you need a workspace environment that stimulates creativity and productivity, please get in touch. Our team of professionals always has their pulse on the latest design and décor trends.


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